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Date Submitted: 08/08/2022 01:23 PM

Controlling humidity is a key factor in the preservation of great works of art and history.

DECKER air treatment products are widely used in museums, galleries and libraries, both for creating a comfortable climate for audiences and – behind the scenes – to protect important and often irreplaceable books, artifacts, documents, film and tapes stored in archives. Temperature, humidity and pollutant levels all play a vital role in the preservation of such items.

Public places such as museums and libraries require a certain percent of outdoor ventilation air. However, the humidity and temperature must be maintained at a precise and constant level. Pollutants should also be kept to a minimum in order to ensure the protection of the delicate items held within the building.

At DECKER, we can assist you in obtaining the best solution to improve your indoor air quality whilst reducing building maintenance and energy costs. With DECKER standalone dehumidifiers or customer tailored system solutions, you can maintain the proper indoor environment to preserve your collection for future generations.

By controlling the climate with Decker air treatment:

● Collections are preserved

● Mold and corrosion are prevented

● Pollutants are minimized

● A constant and fully controlled indoor climate is kept year-round

A comfortable climate is maintained for visitors


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