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DECKER adsorption dehumidifier (DAD) is designed to efficiently work in low dew-point applications down to -60oC. DAD unit’s body and access panel are made of EGI steel and thermo break aluminum profile. Its airtight construction helps to delivers accurate conditions and features provide versatility to adapt the system for different requirements. Standard units are completely equipped with process and reactivation fans, heaters, filters, base control package ready for installation.


Highest desiccant content: 

The HSG rotor has a very high, 82% active silica Gel content. It can be used for most environments and applications.

The HM4 rotor has a very high, 39% 4A Molecular Sieve content 43% Silica Gel content. It will perform well when entering air is dry and or hot or when the environment is alkaline. It is also suitable when the application calls for a low dew-point.

Fire resistance: the rotor media provided Air Holdings AB has been tested according to ASTME test E-84 and achieved a flame spread index of 0 and a smoke index of 0

Unique moisture adsorption: the density of dry media is approximately 240kg/m3. The media can pick up approximately 40% of its dry weight as moisture in humid environment. There is no limit for how high humidity the rotor can stand as long as the droplets are not introduced into the rotor during operation

High surface strength: the surface compression strength of the rotor is more than 200 kPa


● Start/stop/humidistat and diagnostic fault display

● Pressure and airflow test points

● Replaceable G4 filter – enhances air quality

● Replaceable process fan – enhances external static pressure


● Rotor configuration options – HSG/HM4

● Latest technology absorption rotor from Sweden

● The control system is designed for stand –alone operation or control for both Pre-cooling and Post-cooling

● The electrical system is designed to be simple

● Reactivation heater choice - electric heater or steam heater

● Self-cleaning adsorption rotor


Lithium battery

* Manufacturing industry

  • Printing
  • Electronic parts
  • Film
  • Automobile factory
  • Food factory
  • Metal molding 


* Defense, aviation and space industries

* Medicine and pharmaceutical

* Power stations

* Warehouses (refrigerated, tent and prefabricated)

* Powder conveying

* Research

* Pool air conditioning

* Ship coating