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The DECKER Industrial dehumidifier was designed to efficiently work in areas that require the dew point to be above 0°C. Its airtight construction helps deliver accurate conditions and features, allow it to be configured and adjusted to meet various needs and situations. The housing is made of galvanized metal with a powder coated enamel as standard and available in stainless steel as an option. Decker dehumidifiers can be freestanding or positioned on trolleys for mobile use around a building. Dry air can be delivered directly to a room's atmosphere or be ducted into a building's ventilation system. The standard unit is completely equipped with fans, evaporator, condenser, compressor, and base control package ready for installation.


1- Humid air in; 2- Evaporator; 3- Capillaries; 4- Condenser; 5- Supply fan; 6- Dry air out; 7- Compressor; 8- Waste water

Industrial dehumidifiers use a fan to draw in air and pass it through an evaporator. Water vapor then condenses on the evaporator and continue to drip into the water tray before draining out. Finally, the air will be heated by the condenser, before blowing back into the room as warm, dry air. This reduces the relative humidity within the room.


● Printing

● Electronic parts

● Film

● Automobile factory

● Food factory

● Metal molding

● Logistics and warehouses

● Office and retails ventilation

● Medicine and pharmaceuticals

● Power stations

● Powder conveyings

● Food Packaging and Processing

● Researchs and laboratories

● Hospitals

● Hotels

● Data centers and Server rooms